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Our Team

We accomplish our work through the efforts of a great team!

ASOEMPO Board of Directors, Staff and General Assembly (Guatemala)

Asociación Empoderamiento (ASOEMPO) is a registered non-profit in Guatemala. Our mission is to improve the quality of life and the well-being of rural girls in the protected tropical rainforest region of Rio Dulce, Guatemala.

Sonia Lemus, Co-founder, Girls Program Leader, Secondary School Teacher

Sonia Yessenia Lemus Caal


Fundraising & Partnerships, Project Coordinator


Amalia de Paz López

Vice President

Lesly Merary Alarcón Martínez


School Teacher

Heidy Eloida Jor Figueroa



IMG_7631 (1)

Ana Pop Pop

Vocal I

lngrid Auxiliadora Chub Caal

Vocal II

IMG_7614 (1)

Beverly Yamileth Maas Bo

Vocal III

17622846_1392982267420300_99857685_o (1)

Sandy Angelica Tux Catun

School Teacher

Eugenio Choc, School Bus Driver

Eugenio Choc

School Boat Driver

Erik Zolorsano, School Bus Driver

Erik Zolorsano

School Boat Driver

ASOEMPO General Assembly / Community Representatives

Lagunitas: Mirna Xol Xi & Magdalena Caal de la Cruz
Creek Jute: Matilde Cac
Nueva Generación: Julia Ac Chocoj & Rosario Shol
La Angostura: Ana Pop Pop & Santos Pop Holom
Barra de Lampara: Beverly Yamileth Maas Bo y Sandy Angelica Tux Catún
Piedra Pintada: Guadalupe Xi & Josefa Maxz
El Cedro: Blanca Estela Pop Cholom & Luisa Yat Choc
Plan Grande Tatin: Yosselyn Rossana Coc Coc & Maria Cristina Xol Pop
Creek Maya: Ericka Coc & Graciela Macz.
Totzbiyal: Ingrid Auxiliadora Chub Caal & Telma Maas Caal

GirlsEmpo Board of Directors (US)

GirlsEmpo is a US-based 501c3 all-volunteer non-profit organization. Our objective is to provide support to ASOEMPO to acheive our shared mission. We do this through fundraising, partnership development, capacity building, and financial oversight.


Anne M Richey

President & Founder

Fundraising & Development

Kathy Deener

Secretary & Co-founder

Amy Young


IMG_7736 (3)

Jeannie Zielinski

Financial Management & Operations


Leslie Paulson

Fundraising & Development


D Scott Davis

Fundraising & Development

GirlsEmpo Volunteers (US)

Thank you to our volunteers, without whom we could not accomplish our work!


Jimena Noelia Lopez

Documents Translation

meredith (1)

Meredith Farley

Girls’ Advocate